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University of Prince Edward Island History and Overview

The University of Prince Edward Island was founded in 1969 and is situated in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. It is a public liberal arts institution of higher education with a student body of over 4,200 undergraduates and 300 postgraduate students. Click here


The predecessor institutions of the University of Prince Edward Island include Prince of Wales College, Kent College, and St. Dunstan’s University. In fact, today, the university is located where the former campus of St. Dunstan’s University stood, and the campus itself covers more than 130 acres of land.


The university offers professional, postgraduate, and undergraduate programs in English, Economics, Island Studies, Environmental Studies, Social Studies of Science, Modern Languages, and more. Students can choose from Religious Studies, Canadian Studies, Asian Studies, Anthropology and Sociology, and even Theatre Studies and Acadian Studies. There are certain admission requirements to meet, including an average of 70 percent or higher in subjects such as mathematics, English, language, social studies, environmental or animal science, computer science, biology, chemistry, or physics. The requirements for graduate admissions are different and depend on the program of choice, i.e. Master of Nursing, Master of Education, Master of Business Administration, etc. The University of Prince Edward Island also offers PhD in Educational Studies to students who are able to demonstrate exceptional academic standing. Additional requirements to meet include professional experience of minimum 5 years, master thesis, and ability to undertake independent and original research.

The university also offers professional programs such as Radiography, Radiotherapy, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor of Science and Nursing, and others. Note that regardless of the program of choice, there are country-specific and English proficiency requirements to meet if you are a foreign student. However, all applicants must demonstrate English proficiency, regardless of citizenship and country of origin. When it comes to country-specific requirements, these obviously depend on your country of origin and may include things like transcript of marks or grades, higher school certificate, university preparatory education, Certificate of Completion of General Secondary School, marks sheet, and so on.

Other Programs and Courses

The University of Prince Edward Island also offers preparatory courses or pre-professional studies in Veterinary Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Agriculture, and others. The goal is to help students apply at other institutions of higher education and meet the requirements for their program, department, or degree of choice. The university also maintains the Centre for Life-long Learning which offers a wide selection of courses, including summer institutes, programs, workshops, education courses, and many others. You can choose from courses such as customized trainings, non-credit and credit certificates, online courses, short courses, etc. There are plenty of opportunities to gain new skills, competencies, and knowledge, including summer language programs and institutes. The Centre caters to adult students who plan to return to school and obtain a degree. Students are also free to visit the Office of Skills Development and Learning which offers a number of professional development services, including cooperative education programs, training for businesses, career services, language programs, e-learning services, and a lot more. Certificates awarded and programs include collaboration and facilitation certificates, financial management certificates, communication essentials certificates, and the administrative professionals development program, to name a few.


Students are free to choose from a number of schools and faculties such as the Faculty of Science, School of Nursing, Faculty of Education, School of Business, Faculty of Arts, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, among others. The faculties and schools offer in class teaching, courses, research in a laboratory setting, and superb quality education.

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