The UNBSU website is undergoing a security overhaul after it fell victim to hackers from an organization appearing to support the terrorist group ISIS on Monday night.

The website provider is Informative Computer Solutions, a company based in Saint John.

“They’re switching servers and will be working on ways to make it more secure,” said Greg Bailey, president of the UNBSU.

The website purported to have been hacked by “Team System DZ” and included the words “i love you ISIS” on Monday night.

On a black background under red text that read “A message to all the population and the government, especially,” rolling text included such passages as “This time is a time of Islam and victory and lift the injustice for Muslims and the elimination of America and the allies of the infidels Will not keep silent about one inch of the land of the Muslims. Will not keep silent about one drop of blood of Muslims. Will not keep silent about the symptoms of women and children. Today retrace the pride of Islam and Muslims.”

Approximately two hours after the hack was first noticed, the UNBSU website went back up with no apparent outside help.

“It went back up on its own. That is why we will be following up with the website provider tomorrow to find out what exactly happened,” Saulnier said.

The UNBSU contacted authorities as soon as they noticed the hack. Bess Teague, vice-president of student services for the UNBSU contacted the RCMP and got put through to the Fredericton police department.

“They just had me give them a statement. They told me that they would file the statement and let me know if anything comes of it,” Teague said.

When The Brunswickan contacted the Fredericton police department they were told that the situation was completely new to them and were not able to comment on it at this time.

The organization, Team System DZ, appears to be affiliated with ISIS. Their Facebook page has 3,271 likes and has posts about websites they have hacked.

The UNBSU website hack is not an isolated incident. A Google search revealed that many websites have been targeted by the hackers. Each one reveals the result of “Hacked by Team System DZ.”